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Along the way, she even offers a clever spiritual simile based on the game of chess!

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Most readers may find the context a convent and certain theological views somewhat unfamiliar, but the truths that are here, about the deeper Christian life, are worth the exploration. A unique, but memorable, read. Nov 07, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: catholic , saints , carmelite. It's so rich it's impossible to take it all in at once. It really works best studying small passages at a time and letting them digest before moving on.

This is one of the best books ever written on the spiritual life; and I don't say that just because I'm a Carmelite. Teresa transcended boundaries. She is rightly a Doctor of the Church. Follow her paths honestly and truthfully and you can't help but become a saint. It was an enjoyable read. This is the type of book I can read over and over. Teresa is a Doctor in the Catholic Church and so her writings teach something special. I have read this book before but I think the Audio method is even better.

It is like her standing there and explaining how to pray. This book is all one needs to really learn what prayer really is all about and how to do it. I know of know other book that will help one reach perfection through prayer as this one does. This book was written for her fellow sisters in the convent. I enjoyed the section on the Our Father and the description of the 3 types of prayer.

Teresa of Avila, also known as St. Those who like to take pleasure in worldly things, delights, honours and riches, will account it of some worth if their friend is rich and able to afford them pastime and pleasure and recreation; but those who already hate all this will care little or nothing for such things. If they have any love for such a person,then, it will be a passion that he may love God so as to be loved by Him; for, as I say, they know that no other kind of affection but this can last, and that this kind will cost them dear, for which reason they do all they possibly can for their friend's profit; they would lose a thousand lives to bring him a small blessing.

Oh, precious love, forever imitating the Captain of Love, Jesus, our Good! Jul 01, Daniel Carr rated it it was amazing Shelves: catholic-church , thought-provoking , prayer. Saint Teresa of Avila is well known for her mysticism and spirituality. But she is also a very realistic, sensible, and down-to-earth writer. Her advice in The Way of Perfection seems to cut to the heart and be relevant to her readers.

I found myself thinking "this is exactly what I need to hear right now" more than once. Since I have been reading this book over a period of months, it would be hard for me to summarize the book.

The later chapters go through the "Our Father" prayer and discuss Saint Teresa of Avila is well known for her mysticism and spirituality. The later chapters go through the "Our Father" prayer and discuss it in great depth. For nothing else, these chapters made me think much more about the words that I pray at least 3 times each day.

She also speaks greatly about love for others, detachment from things, and humility, among other subjects. She gives great examples and uses wonderful metaphors to portray her message about achieving perfection. Most of all, she shows how holy she truly was, despite her self-berating. Her words come from a true humility that acknowledges her gifts but also endures a perpetual understanding and suffering of her sinfulness commonly known to saints.

This book spoke to my soul and I would recommend it to anyone serious about introspection and finding the true way to perfection. It is not a book to be read over a week's time. I only read around a chapter or two each time I picked up the book because it was so much to think about. Reading this prayerfully helped me to really look at myself and find my greatest failings.

Mar 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it. This book has two parts. In the first part, Teresa of Avila talks to the nuns in her convent about living in community. The second part, which I found the most profitable, was her exposition on the Lord's Prayer. She grabbed me from the first moment when she said to think about all that is implied in the first two words, that Jesus begins with "Our Father" rather than "My Father. Apr 16, Jeannine rated it it was amazing. After having read Interior Castles, I found this one to be a bit slow going, at first.

However, once I pushed forward, I found that this was, once again, a well-written explanation of the contemplative life. Using the Lord's Prayer as the foundation, she takes the reader through the process of prayer as well as the purpose. Even though I find her continuous self-doubt or excusing herself for being a mere woman to be a bit tiring, the message itself is incredibly moving. Mar 21, Frank rated it it was amazing.

The title says it all.

The Way of Perfection

Teresa from back in the s is still as modern as if written today. This is truly a classic on the practice of prayer. She has a very unique way of leading one along the way of prayer, one that is easy to read but not always that easy to put into practice. It is a book to be read and reread again and again.

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It really does help one to pray. Inspirational I started reading this to learn more about the author. Then joined a group discussing the book.

If you are searching for knowledge about St. Teresa of Avila this might be a good place to start. Mar 27, Yee rated it liked it. I read another version of this book, and didn't manage to complete it. The text is not easily accessible.

Download PDF The Way of Perfection by Saint Teresa of Avila (A Christian classic!)

One gets lost by the time one gets to the Fifth Room. It's too mystical; one doesn't know what Saint Teresa is talking about.

The Way of Perfection - St. Teresa of Avila (Audio Book) Chapter 1

It starts to just make no sense. Apr 06, Kitty rated it it was amazing. The essence of the book is St. Teresa teaching her young nuns how to love to pray. I found the second half of the book a good lesson for all on how to pray and avoid distractions. Jun 21, Erik marked it as to-read Shelves: catholic-lifetime-reading-plan. Included in the "Spiritual Classics" section of Fr.

Mar 11, Todd Brown rated it really liked it. Chapter 28 is outstanding. View 1 comment. Jun 10, zaK young rated it really liked it.

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Aug 03, Shawn Johnson rated it really liked it. This book is for anyone who calls themselves a 'prayer warrior'. Kind of complex, but if you read 10 pages a day I think you will notice some things happening within yourself This edition is based on the translation of E. Allison Peers , itself based on the latest Spanish critical editions of the time.

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However, two chapters 3 and 5 pertaining directly to life in a religious order have been eliminated from this popular edition for lack of broader appeal. The present editor has further modernized the language, replacing archaic terms with modern English equivalents e. This certainly makes for a livelier read and This edition is based on the translation of E. This certainly makes for a livelier read and opens Teresa's text to a potentially broader audience, leaving it an excellent primer for those seeking an introduction to Roman Catholic mysticism in the Spanish tradition.

Nevertheless, I find that the looser language is less useful for scholarship and a deeper understanding of the practices, while also losing some of Teresa's characteristic voice. I hope to have the opportunity to compare it more directly with the Peers edition in the future, and recommend that to more advanced students of religious practice in preference to this.

Jan 07, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: summah This was the first book of St Teresa's that I've read before.