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Rate This. Director: Samuel Ali. Writer: Samuel Ali. IMDb's Guide to Horror. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Samuel Ali Young Man Davo Coria Pirate Captain Elena Demers Voodoo Lady Miko Franconi He went in, and found his sister. She was so glad to have her brother near, and had so much to tell him, that the time went by before they knew it.

Then they heard a terrible roar, as if the sea were overflowing its banks, and rushing with heavy breakers up onto the beach. He went over, laid his head in her lap, and let her comb the kelp and the seaweed from his green hair.

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But then he quickly rose, and said in a terrible voice: "I smell Christian blood. Then the brother crept out, and he and his sister plotted together about how they might escape. The next day, the merman came at the same time as he had before. Again the brother was hidden. The merman laid his head in the girl's lap, and let her pick the kelp out of his hair, but again he stood up quickly and said angrily: "I smell Christian blood.

The brother and sister grew even more upset, sighed and wept, and had no idea where they might flee. Now it was the third day. The sister said that she couldn't hide her brother any more, but that when the merman came, she would say that he was a poor man whom the sea had thrown down there, so that the merman would surely pity him, and grant him his life.

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When the merman came, she went straight to him, and told him this. It was the merman's opinion that it would be best to kill him, but she begged and begged, until he granted the lad his life, and allowed him to stay there. Now they could converse each day, and not fear the cruel merman's arrival.

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But they knew no way to escape. Then it happened once, as they both sat by the beach under some high willow trees, and stared out into the deep, that they saw that lovely fish, which had dragged them down, swimming out in the sea. When it caught sight of them, it went right in toward the beach, stared at them, took a leaf in its mouth, and with that, swam far out through the silver-blue waves into the depths. The brother and sister sat for a long time and watched it, until it was so far away that they could no longer see it.

They pondered, what this could mean.

Then the sister jumped up, took her brother by the hand, and said that she knew what the fish meant, and that the knowledge would be their salvation. When the merman came again, she went to him and said that the poor man who was with them had asked her repeatedly to put in a good word for him, so that he could go home again. Then he went back out into the sea, and promised to come back again soon, and take the man up.

But as soon as he was gone, they threw the silver and gold from the chest, and the sister laid herself in it, while the brother hung the great lock on it again, and put the key in his pocket. Then they heard something hopping outside, and coming ever nearer and nearer. The brother opened the door, and saw that it was the beautiful golden fish, which came crawling over the floor. So he opened the chest again, put the fish in it, and had hardly put the key in his pocket, before the merman came back. Then the merman ducked back under the waves.