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Christmas - Part 2, New Years You Kept Your Promise A Little Closer Roommates The Beach Chapter. So, you sign up for a blind dating service, absentmindedly shrugging and clicking yes when it asked if you would consider matching with monsters. In fact, you liked him enough to keep seeing him, but… even as you start to feel interested, he kinda creeps you out?

Your friends had been trying to convince you to get out and meet somebody for a while. Hey, guys. No promises on an update schedule. I write this when I want and for fun. But if you want to motivate me, thoughtful comments work really well. This work was also inspired by: Another Day in Paradise by Ta1knerdy2me, but it seems to have been taken down? Dang, it was a good one too. In it, Sans liked humans, but he had trauma from being repeatedly rejected by them often due to his lack of genitalia.

Even complements him?!

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I really liked it i-i. You blow one last bubble with your gum before spitting it out into the nearest trash can.

You check your phone one last time for the details sent to you through your dating service. The location was right. The time was right. Today was the correct day. The door jingled slightly when you pushed it open. A server behind a podium asked if they could help you, and you just turned your phone screen to them. Dunno who yet. It seemed to be used as a shelf for potted plants to add more atmosphere to the place. Really not a bad place. You rounded the corner and saw a handful of tables with people already seated.

There was no telling how many of them may or may not have been directed here by your dating service, and you read the numbers on the sides of the tables attentively. You thought you saw number thirteen and glanced up to see if anyone was sitting there yet, and your breath hitched in your throat. There was a fucking skeleton sitting with its back to the divider wall. You stopped breathing for real and your body went completely still as your natural instincts forced you to search for any signs of danger to your person. The restaurant was completely calm and the atmosphere was warm.

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It was slouching in its chair, sure, but in a lazy kind of way rather than a… dead kind of way. It was wearing a crisp white button up shirt with a black suit vest on top. You could tell they were tailored for really thin people, but the fabric still folded a little unnaturally on top of his bony arms and shoulders. His rib cage was apparently wide enough to fill out the vest, though.


He had a very smooth, white, round skull for a head with nothing—no hair or skin, obviously—covering it. His eyes were wide black sockets with little white pinpricks of light in them, and his jaw was apparently fused to his skull and set in a lazy grin. So, a skeleton, but a living one. Not reanimated remains, just alive. Magic, probably. You told yourself that he must be a monster. With some hope, you took a closer look at the number on his table. Your hopes were betrayed. Could you just walk out and leave? Not to mention, half of the point of this was to get me laid.

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You made excuses to yourself, but they just had the opposite effect. You started to feel like a really shitty person. Just imagining how many times people just bailed on blind dates with him after realizing he was a skeleton made your heart ache with pity. You resolved yourself. If, uh, if he could eat, that is.

You approached table 13 and the monster finally seemed to notice you, sitting up straighter in his chair god, seeing a skeleton move on its own gave you chills. His smile seemed wider now and the lights in his eyes brighter. Monster magic, okay? Calm down. Your eyes scanned the skinless digits and something in your stomach churned at the unnaturalness of it. You could feel your face go white, and that knowledge mortified you even more.

Uh, not used to monsters? You wanted to punch yourself. You were being so damn rude! You might have hurt him less by just bailing when you had the chance! Your knees were beginning to feel weak from adrenaline-based fear and embarrassment, so you eagerly pulled your chair back and sat down across from him. You looked up at his glowing eyelights and desperately tried to ignore the fact that the rest of his face was literally just a skull without any skin on it. He closed one eye socket at you in a lazy wink Wait howthefuck—?! For a second, you were shocked still, but then the unexpected punchline collided with your frayed nerves like a ton of bricks and you burst out into raucous laughter, bending over the table, resisting banging it with your fists, and even snorting once or twice in a wholly unseemly display.

The waiter came around then and they both ordered their drinks. You got a water and Sans got some kind of alcoholic beverage. Not good. You were starting to become aware again that you were sitting across the table from a living skeleton —. Oh these were good! You fell victim to another bout of raucous laughter and Sans definitely looked pleased with himself.

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The server arrived with your drinks at the tail end of your laughter and handed each of you a food menu to peruse. You stuck a straw into your water glass and took a sip, eyes on the menu as you flipped it open with one hand. You glanced up in time to see Sans tilt his glass back against his teeth, Amber liquid apparently slipping through the cracks and… not dripping out the bottom.

He had his eyes on the menu, same as you did a moment ago, and he also glanced up, noticing you staring.

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Sans tipped his head a bit to the side in a way that gave the impression that he was raising an eyebrow at you, and you blushed helplessly. You were embarrassed for staring, but you were equally or more curious. Sans laughed, and it was a relaxing sound that eased some of your nervousness.

He tapped his teeth with a blunt skeletal finger and mercifully gifted you with an explanation. You deflated somewhat as the tension left you. He made it sound really simple and obvious.

That makes sense, I guess. Sans hummed curiously and took another drink of his alcohol.

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He set down the glass and laced his fingers. You looked back at him blankly. There were just so few monsters around here that you never even had the chance to bump into any. Sans took your blank look as your answer and explained in a smooth, easy tone. Human food is a little bit of magic and a lot of matter, just like humans. Like, can you still eat the food here? You felt heat burning in your cheeks. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Skeleton Kiss Lyrics Scratch scratch, should be there I dig the vision of rotting corpses And I'm pouting in the corner Five more minutes, and we'll all be dead Five more minutes, and we'll all be dead Skeleton closets Close up tight Filthy mirrors don't clear our life In her frightening presence Nailed to her heart-felt decision If God turns today, I'll meet you in hell Well, I'll meet you in hell Look in the eyes in the six-stringed beast Concussion is a cancer-spreading tear-cage Blue-light beauty's got it's victim by the tail five more minutes and we'll all be dead Say they're guilty on a bed of nails Won't you wake me up with your kiss And give me one moment of bliss Flesh to bone Is a purating process Touch, touch Before the fall Before the fall Before the fall five more minutes and we'll all be dead Temptation is food Open your mouth and accept it.

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