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We all know that success can be made or broken by the habits we form.

For Biesse Group, sharing its success with all employees is crucial.

They either become the major obstacles or the greatest foundations to all that we do. The answer he says is in our ability to understand how habits work and to focus on the daily patterns that shape our lives. Knowing what triggers our routines and what rewards we are really seeking is critical to changing or motivating our future actions.

When he realised this, he was able to create new practices or habits that gave him the same reward. In doing so, he also saved both time and money whilst also greatly increasing productivity. In essence we need to identify habits that serve our purpose.

If you pay attention to what you like and what's important to you, your dreams or visions will emerge. Dreams can hit like lightning or reveal themselves more slowly.

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Discovering your dreams may take time and patience—and the belief that you deserve to dream! It may have been a long time since you really focused on what you want to do.

How do we ensure healthier, happier lives as we live for longer?

Allow yourself to dream your dreams and you'll find a way to move toward them. Plan Your Career. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email. Career Plan Youth.

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