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I swear we go through boxes of band aids faster than milk over here. I put that band aid love to work this week with these band aid pattern pages and Madelynn loved every minute of it! Our final pattern activity was building stamp patterns. For this activity I put a strip of paper labeled with a type of pattern in an envelope. I also placed small stamps in that envelope. Madelynn opened each envelope to find the pieces she needed to make each type of pattern.

In this bin: black beans, vehicles , toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Build a City Craft: Check out this amazing city Madelynn built with just paper! It was super easy to prep, I just cut out a bunch of rectangles and squares and glued some paper inside a shoe box lid. Then Madelynn rolled the paper for buildings and added windows, doors and roads. I used hot glue to attach the buildings to the box lid so that they would be more stable.

After it dried, she used it to play with her toy cars and other vehicles.

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After learning about lots of different jobs and the work that people do, I put together this book with 2 similar jobs on each page along with pictures for sorting. I laminated and added velcro to all of the pieces so they could be used over and over again. Then Madelynn practiced identifying the tools, vehicles, and hats that belonged to each community helper and sorted them onto the correct page. To make her own personalized mailbox Madelynn first cut out all of the template pieces from cardstock. Next she glued the pieces together, and I added a velcro dot to the mailbox door so that she could open and close it easily.

I helped her punch a hole in the side to attach the flag with a brass fastener so that it could move up and down as well.

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Finally she personalized her mailbox with foam letter stickers to spell her name. In this bin: packing foam, uppercase letters, lowercase stamps, mailbox. Then check out all of our Preschool themes here:. Please check your email to confirm your subscription and grab your FREE shape roads! There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. Chant while pretending to type, "I'm a typist, typing, typing, typing, typing.

Invite the children to share their experiences about visits to the doctor's office. If possible, show the children some real medical equipment borrowed from a parent or a local medical office. Then invite each child to create his own doctor's bag. For each child, fold and cut 12" x 18" sheet of black or blue construction paper in half and glue on handles thick C shapes but straighter on top. Have each child glue a red, construction paper cross to the outside of his bag. Use a white crayon to write "Dr. Child's Name above the cross.

I did a few activities about dentists and the tools to keep our teeth healthy. To play Dirty Tooth, students rolled a die and counted out the coordinating number of food aka pom poms. When the tooth was dirty, they brushed it clean with a real toothbrush. Dentists, doctors and veterinarians all use x-rays so I though an x-ray play dough tray was perfect for our community helper theme! I put out people aka gingerbread cookie cutter, hand cookie cutter, dog cookie cutter and block play dough.

Community Helpers Theme Preschool Activities and Crafts

I also put out white pipe cleaners aka bones! Little learners can collect data and report their findings in super simple ways like this Vet Graph! Students counted and covered each item and represented the total on the graph using bingo chips.

Once all the data was collected and counters are placed on the graph, students can compare the quantities more, less, equal too. They are so big and smash all the trash.

For the sensory table, I put in paper pet bedding the garbage from Walmart, garbage trucks, recycling trucks , tweezers , trash and recycling bins , and tissue squares. Teach students all about the impact trash can have on the environment, and how to recycle at the science table. Make pollution sensory bottles, sort different types of recycling and try to clean up litter.

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To build on the recycling theme, students made a cutting collage with newspapers. I cut the newspaper into strips and placed dot markers on the table. Students cut the newspaper strips up and glued them to the paper. Lastly, they dotted their collage with the dot markers. There are so many options for the dramatic play center when you do a Community Helper theme.

Try a Fire Station!