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Trilby ou Le lutin d'Argail Moran of the Lady Letty Publio Ovidio Nasone, 43 a. Georges Perec, Un cabinet d'amateur Les choses Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the Soprano Cantatrix sopranica L. Un homme qui dort Les revenentes Federico Platania, Bambini esclusi Buon lavoro. All around the world, psychodrama is an elective instrument, not only for psychotherapy, but also for training and consulting.

This symposium wish to host and compare some experiences of Psychodrama and Sociometry applied in several organizations. Emotional satisfaction-warmth,protection,love,sexuality and intimacy- is vulnerable to interference. Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget about our sexuality and relationships.

Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget. Mostly in case of ambivalency. The leader being sexual ttherapist and psychodramatist will try to stir up the memories kept in mind and body.

Who shall migrate for surviving? A partire da alcuni casi emblematici tratti dal mio pluriennale lavoro nei servizi di accoglienza italiani, alternando momenti di azione scenica e di riflessione ci confronteremo come gruppo internazionale e transculturale sulle metodologie e le risorse utilizzate in altre esperienze e altri contesti. The sociopsychodramatic intervention in pluricultural contexts.

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The new migratory flows that have affected Europe over the last decades have produced an urgent need for specific psychosocial intervention in many areas of life and work. This workshop means to be an opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge on the application of socio-psychodramatic methods in pluricultural contexts and encounters, in particular working with the migrants in the reception centers and training the social and health workers and teams. The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to improve the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop the competences for intercultural relations.

I will present my long-lasting experience in these fields, working out some emblematic cases with psychodramatic techniques, then we will go on reflecting on them. So we will be able to share, as a cross-cultural group, our methods and resources used in various experiences and in different contexts. The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to facilitate the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop interculturel competences of relation and communication. Psychodrama and cientific knowledge production.

We will present the research challenges with methods of action and sociometry. We will talk about the epistemology of psychodrama. We will give examples with the research done in the universities of Brazil in the last 15 years.

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Some research addresses, for example, the issue of AIDS in the country, questions of affirmative action for afro-descendants and domestic violence. This workshop will open the way towards a deeper look at the meanings of gender identity, with consideration of gender stereotypes, gender justice and gender equality concerns, in addition to gender empowerment. Che cosa intendiamo per teoria e metodologia dello psicodramma? Vi sono diversi orientamenti in questo ambito; numerosi manuali sono stati pubblicati.

In tali occasioni, sono emersi due ambiti principali: quello degli assunti teorici di base dello psicodramma e quello delle loro connessioni con altri approcci. Riflettendo sui risultati ottenuti, sulla base delle nostre proprie conoscenze e ricerche in psicodramma, abbiamo pensato di proporre un inquadramento coerente della teoria e della metodologia psicodrammatiche e delle sue connessioni con modelli teorici affini.

All over the world, since the last 70 years, many Institutions have been created to train and certify practitioners in psychodrama.

There are various positions in this area; many handbooks have been published. The main instrument used in the past for creating a common theoretical and methodological basis for psychodrama is the Glossary; we can find a number of them available online. Two main fields have arised: the basic assumptions of psychodrama and their connections with other approaches.

Reflecting on the outcomes of that work, on the basis of our own knowledge and research in psychodrama, we thought to propose a coherent framework for the psychodrama theory and methodology and their connections to other scientific disciplines.

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So we built up two Conceptual Maps, that we will present in this Symposium:. The aims of the two Conceptual Maps are to lay the foundation for a common scientific language in psychodrama and to be a reference tool for training and research in psychodrama.

In this view the two Maps still need to be rectified and improved. The participants at the Symposium will be invited to give their contribution in ideas and suggestions for the realization of the initiative. Is important symbol of resistence to African culture, resilience, overcoming and trasnformation. We propose with the workshop to facilitate that the participants can get in touch with the history of the Abayomi dolls and inspired them, to identify aspects of their relationships that they want to transform.

The public is invited to interact, to find sources of inspiration for creation, using paper, pencils, cand draw, paint, create and recreate, graphically represent the resonance of interactions. Starting from the perspective of the use of the body as an anatomical tool that allows to establish codes of languages and give corporality to something that arises from the interactions. The world is in danger! The sun is going to explode and destroy the whole galaxy! All civilations have to be transfered to the only surviving Planet. But before they have to unify values and rules to form a new humanity.

The rescue star ship is just leaving if all agree. After a nine months long work with Roma women from two villages, living in poverty, doing socio-psychodrama recorded on film a dramaturg wrote a theatre play. The women play their own stories on stage. The performance became a huge success both in Budapest and in the villages where they performed. The play was selected to an International Theatre Festival in Dresden May Theatre history has been written. The topics of the Sociodrama panel discussion at the International Psychodrama conference in Iseo Monica Zuretti the relationship between the social matrix situation and the themes within small or large groups and its relationship.

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Malinda Ashley Meyer Research, early group intervention after trauma and collective healing. Si sono cercate nuove espressioni possibili per lo Psicodramma partendo dal lavoro con soggetti provenienti, prevalentemente, dalla dipendenza, a volte con vissuti di violenza. These may be new roles, or transformations of existing spiritual roles.

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The warmups leading to encounter with these roles will roughly follow the model of the typical Tibetan Buddhist 7-branch prayer. They will encounter these roles through a variety of methods, such as reciting mantras, insight meditation , empty chair, expressive sound-and-movement, role interview and role reversal. They will explore ways of using these deity roles as supports or models in dealing with difficult relationships or conflict situations.

One or more pieces of psychodrama action will be included. Previous knowledge of Buddist Vajrayana practices is not required. Herb Propper Ph. The Task Force organizes seminars and conferences in which the members show their methodology for working with collective trauma such as wars, disasters and mass migration. Seminars have been held in Oslo , Stockholm , Turin , Uppsala , Sofia , Iseo , Istanbul and will be held in Granada in Wars leave deep wounds in peoples and individuals , and destroyed social and occupational functioning.

The resulting trauma is a wound , a laceration that brings permanent energy economy disorders of the psyche. Wars are made by people and people suffering by wars. Now the battlefield are the houses. A space in which to respond to basic needs : hunger , thirst , rest protection, and the safe place symbolically marks the conflict, the trauma, puts a limit to the destructive forces by create for the participants of a group the feeling that there is a limit to the emotions and the post traumatic stress, like a safe place in the play, and there is a safe place where you can bring a re — empowerment, self-esteem can grow undermined by the trauma , it is understood as a psychic space inside where they can feel more secure, and is a generator of resources including not least the hope and the new action.

It is he space of play, the space of theatre, the space of psychodramatic surplus reality. It is the place of dreams, where the tension of opposit are hold through symbols. It is the space of fairy tales that contains the archetypical energy of drama. The third place is a space for active imaginations, a mytical space, a symbolic a representative space. RITUALS are similar to symbols, they are part of collective unconsciousness, they represent historical memory as well as historical traumatic events of certain large group.

Rituals are part of large group identity DREAMS — One of most important duty when we work on collective trauma is not to retramautize the group members and protagonist, for this it is important do not play the traumatic scene, but can be very helpfull to ask to share dreams connected to collective traumatic experience and play those dreams. Psychodrama can safely be used to create paths of change for the most severe traumatization. Who survives?