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Tired from going abroad on holiday and realising just how little he knew about the country he lived in, Sean decided to take a month off, buy a bike and cycle the iconic Land's End to John O'Groats, solo and unsupported. Transform your technique and become a better swimmer with this remarkable new approach to freestyle swimming.

Aimed at both fitness and competitive swimmers, it explains what makes a successful stroke and how to develop your own swimming style. Malo to Nice - In this beautifully illustrated guide to travelling across France by bike you will discover hidden lanes, stunning gorges, amazing places to eat and stay, plus the best of French cycling culture. From the cold of the highest peaks to unforgiving desert heat, seemingly ordinary people are undertaking extraordinary feats.

What do fierljeppen, running miles in the Sahara desert and coal-carrying all have in common? Welcome to TryTri Books. Please find below a great little range of Triathlon related titles, enjoy!!! Triathlon Books. Add to cart. Review of Tricurious. Swim Bike Run. Triathlon Swim Bike Run. Hollie's Road to Kona. Run Ride Sunk or Swim.

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A life Without Limits. The Triathlete's Training Bible. Triathlon for Beginners. Triathlon for Women. Accidental Ironman. You are such a great inspiration and your story — as mentioned by Jasmine — really hits close to home. Thank you! Wonderful write up! But rationally, I do know I can do it. Love it! Anyone going I especially love 8. Thanks for including that. What an amazing story!

I can only hope to get to a half marathon some day, but the tendonitis in my ankle has prevented me from being much of a runner lately. You have a lot to be proud of!

Luis Alvarez

This was inspiring! Thanks for being brave enough to go ahead of the rest of us and leave a trail for us to follow! True — all true. It really is very simple. Its not easy — but it is simple, and its very possible for almost anybody. What an inspiration you are!!! I think it may have been the very first time Wide World of Sports televised this thing called Ironman. Much to my amazement, I finished Great Floridian.

Spent the last 11 months getting in shape. Did alot of 5k to Last Monday, 3 minutes after they opened online registration, I was registered for Ironman Madison. Unless I do one sooner it will be my first Ironman. This article is so true. You are so inspiring! Went and cheered on 3 members of our running grp at tri-rock san diego couple wks back. I was amazed at their success.

Currently getting ready for 3rd H marathon, and my 1st Marathon in Jan. Good luck with Ironman coming up! Dear Susan, Very inspiring read! I would love to do the Full Ironman but I have two issues: 1 I have gone through two Arthroscopy operations one on my left and the other on my right knee. My concern is pushing my self beyond my physical limits. Its rather disappointing. All the best for your race in Arizona. The couch potato thing hit home!

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I am now five weeks out from my first Am I there yet? No, but I know for a fact based on my training and the transformation in my fitness and health, that this goal is achievable. Thanks for another great article Susan. It was absolutely meant to be that I read this post, at this moment! Thanks for this inspiring post. I am scared to death of not finishing, though in my head I know I can do the distances.

Thanks for the psychological boost! You have just inspired me to do it. I just completed my first sprint tri last month, am training for my first marathon next month, and have always had ironman dreams. I thought it would be years before I would get there, but after reading this, I am thinking why not now? I loved this whole post!

The Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon: A Primer for the Cobra Ironman (Part 1)

Thanks for the post! It was exactly what I needed. Thanks for 8 especially.

How To Train For Your First Triathlon - An Introduction To Triathlon Training

I think I may have just committed myself to doing an Ironman! Congratulations Susan. I have goosebumps after reading that. It was great to read your progress and preparation for your event. You should take great pleasure in the comments to your post. You have obviously inspired quite a few people. I own two bicycles, one for commuting a road bike , and the other for touring a cyclocross bike.

However, I do not consider myself a cyclist. A tri buddy of mine has been pushing me to do a tri for quite some time. The problem was that the race was only 6 weeks after my spring marathon. I nailed the marathon, took a few weeks off to recover, and started training for the half IM. My longest swim was about meters in a pool and I must have looked like I was having a seizure the entire time. I did about 2 bike rides longer than 10 miles to prepare for the race.

The beauty of being in good running shape, is that running translates very well to cycling. I knew this, so I continued to just put the miles in with my running shoes.

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  5. So I decided I would swim, bike, and run in my running clothes. I had never swam in open ocean water before, so I was worried about the waves, but hopeful the saltwater would keep me afloat better. I made it to the first buoy before realizing I bit off way more than I could chew. From that point on, I doggy paddled until I was about meters from the end. I gave it everything I had and made it out of the water with 9 seconds before the cutoff. I transitioned to the bike and ended up doing quite well in that leg.

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    The running leg was the easiest for me. However, triathlon course designers do not know how to design running courses. I was in Hawaii, running on a damned golf course!!! Is that the best you can do? Either way, I was actually quite shocked I was able to finish, given my lack of preparation. If someone as lazy as me was able to complete a half ironman, I would agree: Anyone can do an ironman.

    LOVE this post! I am in the infant stages of trainign for my first half-ironman in July , and this is such an inspiration. Thank you for making all things seem so achievable including vegan baking. I thought the list was super practical. After having a baby it can be tough to maintain the energy to aspire such an athletic feat. Cheers, Lindsay.