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Jimgrim and the Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil

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Jimgrim and the Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil : Talbot Mundy :

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  • You can purchase now the complete pass or any of the single track registrations. Escape The Ordinary 9 weeks ago. A man who smothers knowledge under smiles. A follower of dark ways. A danger, because of great subtlety and daring. But no liar. When you say a thing, Jimgrim, whoever has good sense believes it. You shall hang before you are rescued. Neither your sixteen sons and grandsons, nor any mob incited by them, shall get you alive out of our hands.

    Jerusalem can spare no troops. There is going to be short shrift in El-Kalil, and none can prevent it. Let me feel under your girdle. Not there? Under your arm? In the leg of your pantaloons then? The watch was suspended by its gold chain just below the knee. Cohen is there. Grim called the jailer, who let us out in a hurry and seemed more glad to be rid of that mild-looking old gentleman than if he had horns and a tail; but he took care to have Grim make the necessary entries in the prison book, and returned to Ali Baba the sweetest, silvery, long, gold-handled dagger in an ivory sheath that ever I set eyes on.

    I offered to buy it from him right away, but he saw only humor in that.


    Take him on the whole, he was the most delightful rascal I had met in Palestine. It was a sheer pleasure to walk the street in his company, Grim on one side and I on the other, lest he take it into that old splendid head of his to make a break for liberty.

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    The very stride of the man was poetry; every gesture was romance. He was inconvertible to modern ways and incorruptible by modern thought—past history incarnate and unwilling to depart from ancient manners; as conventional in his own way as any of the ancient kings who once made war on Abraham. You would have thought he owned the Governorate by the way he entered it and the lecture he gave Aaron Cohen before returning his watch might have been taken out of the Book of Genesis.

    Yet there is compassion even for fools, and the heart of the wise discerns it.

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    I am not willing to be enriched with your goods, lest you should meditate envy and bring evil into the world; for the little are envious and only the great have understanding. I give you back your watch. Tell him to think rather on damnation that awaits him after death!