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This is enough for this year; I offer thousands and thousands of thanks for the interest and charity of Your Reverence in our behalf, and in behalf of the many poor people whom you bless by keeping us here; for, although we do but little, yet I hope that we shall make a beginning for those who are to come after us and who will do a great deal. We are all in good health, by the grace of our Lord; and we beseech Your Reverence, with one heart, to send us 29 persons capable of learning the languages.

It is what I now believe to be most necessary for the welfare of the souls in this country. As to the soil, I send you some of its fruits: they are heads of wheat, of rye, and of barley, that we planted near our little house.

We gathered last year a few wisps of rye that [] we found here and there among the peas; I counted in some of them 60 kernels, in others 80, in others We threshed these gleanings and took from them a little rye, which will this year pay us very well for the trouble that we had in gleaning it last year. The little wheat which we sowed before the snows is very beautiful: that which was sown in the spring will not ripen, because it is winter wheat. We must have some March wheat, and some that is beardless, for these are said to be the best.

The barley is finer than in France: and I have no doubt that, if this country were cleared, very fertile valleys would be found. The woods are troublesome; they retain the cold, engender the slight frosts, and produce great quantities of vermin, such as grasshoppers, worms, and insects, which are especially destructive in our garden; we shall rid ourselves of them, little by [] little, without, however, leaving the place.

I resumed this discourse unintentionally; let us cut it short, to recommend ourselves to the prayers and to the Holy Sacrifices of Your Reverence and of your whole province. I believe that this mission is cherished by you, and that these poor Savages occupy a good place in your heart. He also is there with them who is, in truth,. Prohibiting all Booksellers and Printers from printing or having printed the said book, under any pretext of disguise or change that they may make in it, on penalty of confiscation and of the fine provided by the said License. Given at Sainct Germain en Laye, on the 10th of December, one thousand six hundred and thirty-three.

On m'escrit que V. The tears which fall from my eyes at the sight of the letters of Your Reverence, stop my pen; I am hard as bronze, and yet your love has so greatly softened me, that joy makes me weep and causes me to utter a thousand blessings to God.

Oh, what a heart!


What love! What good will you show toward us!


Le discours spécialisé à l’ONU : chances et défis pour le traducteur

I do not know how to respond to it except by saying to you, " ecce me ; behold me altogether in your hands, for Canada, for France, and for all the world, ad majorem Dei gloriam. They have written me that Your Reverence has given for the poor Canadians even the very image from your oratory. Everyone acknowledges that God is for us, since the hearts of the superiors, which are in his hands, are all for us. How can we be insensible to 37 so many benefits, and keep our hearts and eyes dry, in a downpouring of so many blessings!

But let us enter upon affairs; I shall spare neither ink nor paper, since Your Reverence endures with so much love my tediousness and my simplicity. After having thanked you with all my heart for the help which you have been pleased to send us, as well as for the food and fresh supplies, I will describe to you fully the state of this mission.


Brebeuf [III. Le [] Daniel [IV. Davost [V.

What is Consciousness? What is Its Purpose?

Masse [VI. Je suis le plus imparfait de tous et le plus impatient. Nous chantons vespres les festes et les dimanches, et on leur fait quasi tous les dimanches une exhortation. Let us begin with what has occurred this year. We have lived in great peace, thank God, among ourselves, with our working people, and with all the french. I have been greatly pleased with all our Fathers. Father Brebeuf [VII. Everything went on peacefully during that time.

They have studied the Huron language thoroughly, and I have taken care that they should not be diverted from this work, which I believe to be of very great importance. Father Masse, [X. He has had the care of the domestic affairs 39 and of our cattle, in which he has succeeded very well. Our Brother Gilbert [XV.

I gave him liberty to return this year, but he preferred to remain. I am the most imperfect of all and the most impatient. I have passed the winter with the Savages, as I have just said. Famine almost killed us; but God is so present in these difficulties, that this time of famine seemed to me a time of abundance; were it not that I am afraid of wearying you, I would recount to Your Reverence the sentiments with which God inspired me at that time.

I confess that I sometimes experienced hunger, and that often these words came to my lips: Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie ; but I think I never pronounced them without adding this condition: si ita placitum est ante te.

Fil d'Ariane

I also occasionally repeated these words of saint Xavier with a very good heart: Domine, ne me his eripias malis, nisi ad majora pro tuo nomine reserves. I was consoled even in my sleep; but let us leave this, for God was acting then. This is what I am: as soon as we were assisted by creatures, I became sick in body and in soul, God causing me to see what he is and what I am.

I 41 was impatient, disgusted, seeking a retreat in our little house. I tried to put an end to this condition of misery; but, as my passions are altogether depraved, I stumbled at every step, bringing back nothing from this journey except my faults. I have set down in my Relation the reasons why I returned, knowing little about their language; enough upon this subject.

As [] to what concerns our men: every morning they hear holy Mass before their work, and in the evening all come to chapel, where the prayers which I send to Your Reverence are recited. We sing vespers on feast days and sundays, and almost every sunday an exhortation is made to them. This is the outline of our occupations during this last year; the Relation speaks thereof more fully.


For the year which we are about to begin at the departure of the ships, this is the way in which we shall be distributed and what we shall do:. Brebeuf, le P. Daniel et le P. Enfin nostre Seigneur leur a ouvert la porte. Duplessis [XVII. Dieu y a pourvu, car M. Duplessis a tenu la main que tout passast. Father Brebeuf, Father Daniel, and Father Davost, with three brave young men and two little boys, will be among the Hurons. At last our Lord has opened to them the door. I believe that they must now be quite near the place where they intend to go. This stroke is a stroke from heaven; we shall 43 hope for a great harvest from this country.

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Father [] Brebeuf and Father Daniel exposed themselves to great suffering; for they went away without baggage, or without the money necessary to live. God has provided therefor, as M. Duplessis has taken care that all should go well. So much for the Hurons. Buteux [XIX. Brebeuf et le P.

Lalemant [XX.


Il est vray qu'il y meurt ordinairement quelques personnes en ces commencemens; mais la mort n'est pas toujours un grand mal. Our French people are this year beginning a settlement there, and two of our Fathers must be there. It is true that some persons generally die in these beginnings, but death is not always a great evil.

After having commended this affair to our Lord, [] I resolved to go there myself, for the following reasons:.