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A true dramatic coloratura is much sought after and some of these roles are specialty items, like the Queen of the Night, which can make a career almost on that single role alone. Spinto Soprano Jugendlich-dramatischer Sopran Soprano voice with great volume that can create dramatic high points. Theaters generally will not risk having an inexperienced singer in a critical role in a major production. The costs of failure are too high for both theater and artist. Although listed as a Spiel Fach many roles require very serious singing.

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Dramatic Mezzo Dramtischer Mezzosopran Flexible but metallic voice with a dark timbre which carries strongly over a large orchestra. Range from G below middle C to high Bflat. Like dramatic Mezzo, Kloiber calls for a flexible voice with a well developed top and bottom and dramatic power. A true Ulrica or Erde is rare. Most often the slightly higher dramatic alto covers these roles. A true Ulrica might have trouble with the tessibura of some of these roles.

Currently, physical type is essential. Has to be slim, agile, and not too tall.

Some become Dramatic tenors with maturity. The Fach system reflects and shapes how German theaters cast roles. It differs in important ways from American ideas about casting and voices, but it is based on long practice in theaters with 10 month seasons, many premiers and constant rehearsals, so it is to be respected, whether you agree or disagree.

This is one of the most common mistakes American singers make! And worse than that, it will disqualify you pretty quickly. How does it categorize voices and roles? It has two broad categories One, where beauty, quality, power and expressiveness of voice are primary. It includes the Soubrette and Light Lyric Coloratura, where beautiful and accomplished singing is necessary, but physical and performing attributes essential.

Try to understand where your voice and abilities fit in and tailor your audition package along those lines. If you are offered a contract it will be important to come to an amicable understanding of which Fachpartien are outside your compass.

Plachetka, Adam 1985-

These things are negotiable to some extent and require good faith on both sides. Most American singers present themselves as one Fach too heavy. Fiordiligi will still be there when you have a solid career behind you and are ready to sing that one on your head! Roles include Papagena and many of the -ina roles, Despina, Barbarina, etc. Lyric Coloratura Soprano. Applied Research Quality Life, 8 1 , Coghlan, A.

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